sexta-feira, 18 de junho de 2010

Some things really never change

HE: AQG Anti-Quack Free edition don't detected the problem :(
SHE: oh gosh, I have a problem ,
HE: what problem?
SHE: 99% of all the people of the world, think I'm a very ugly person,
I'm in ruins
HE: no you're not
there's still 1% that don't think this shit
even if they do, you shouldn't care with it
SHE: you certainly think I'm not beautiful
HE:I'm part of the 1% that do
SHE: if you are part , so is 2 per cent, hey,
HE: so there's only 100 people in entire world? O.o
SHE: do you think i'm beautiful ? oh gosh, it's a big lie - kkk, no...
HE: yep I think
SHE: You don't have to think, i'm sure that no
HE: I were going to tell you that today and yesterday you were beautiful, but I had no courage and.. strength
You know, Im weak for such thing
HE: well.. its the truth
SHE: it isn't
HE: don't believe if you don't want to...
SHE: I know it is a Lie, I'm a lie, your's words are a lie, and I'm just one person in this big bad world
HE: big and bad fucking world
this is real
SHE: big and bad fucking world
HE: yeah!
SHE: i loved it
HE: come on say some.. fucks! those fucking bad evil damned people
they just know to fuck up with your emotions and your feelings
they play like kids with this but world isn't bad , life is a challenge
and you have chosen it !
- Some things really never change
[by T and J]

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